Women’s health across cultures: enhancing your approach

This webinar takes a multidisciplinary approach to analyze Female’s health and wellness throughout cultures.


Dr Ruth DeSouza
Independent researcher & Stream Leader, Research Policy & Evaluation
Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health, Victoria

Ms Natalija Nesvadba
Manager of Multicultural Services,
Mercy Health, Victoria

Ms Monique Hameed
National Training Officer
Modern Centre for Women’s Health

Subjects covered
– What is society as well as exactly how does it effect on health and wellness?
– What does it indicate to give culturally secure technique?
– How communication as well as wellness proficiency influences on the arrangement of wellness care
– Practical methods to improve your technique

You can access webinar slides, pre-reading product and associated resources at jeanhailes.org.au/ health-professionals/webinar-library/.

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