Cute Beagle Puppy From 8 weeks to 3 Months

Adorable Beagle Young puppy From 8 weeks to 3 Months: Those are the first 3 months of our beagle young puppy life in our family members.
I will always remember the way she consumed her dishes (beagle widget spinner:D).

Meet our canine Charlie as well as our charming little girl Laura Olivia.
We established a YouTube channel for Charlie in January 2013, as we began training him to finish jobs varying from helpful (shutting cupboard doors) to amusing (bringing the TELEVISION remote straight to the couch). After our beautiful infant was born, we observed his special bond with our daughter, and we started shooting our canine companion as he helped us care for her.
Charlie the dog was presented to infant Laura the moment she came home. Charlie revealed us exactly how pets and infants can be the best of good friends and also he shows that he is a crucial part of our family and the genuine love and also as well as delight he provides is countless.
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