6 Months Of Trading With A 99% Win Rate

6 Months Of Trading With A 99% Win Rate|Coffee With Markus|Episode 133

My Account Statement: 2:07.
$ 500K Account Update 3: 10:36.
The Wheel Master Class: 22:29.
Am I Getting Assigned?: 34:03.
Deep Dive Q&A: 36:45.
Q: When you are utilizing the Wheel Strategy, house much do you wish to see the price decrease from present to strike price? should not it go to least 6%: 38:01.
C: I can verify the reputation of your results. I have a 100% win fate for the last 6 months making use of the wheel technique. Your training style and also details is AWESOME: 38:58.
Q: If you get assigned on HAL, do you market telephone calls instantly on Monday or do you wait for a bring up?: 40:02.
Q: Markus, do you ever before roll your produces to the complying with month to stay clear of job?: 46:40.

The Wheel technique is a wonderful method for producing SRC revenues. Organized, Repeatable, and also regular.

7/21/2020 I opened up an account with tastyworks as well as wired $50K to this account.

July 2020:.
– After just one week of Trading in July, my account is up to $50,421, made 0.84% this month.

August 2020:.
– First full month of trading, my account depends on $53,485, made 6.08% this month.

September 2020:.
– Traded my account up to $54,142, made 1.23%.
* Got assigned with TQQQ.

October 2020:.
– Traded my account approximately $59,152.39, made 9.25% this month.
* Debit rate of interest expense = $1.04.

November 2020:.
– Traded my account approximately $65,305.89, made 10.4% this month.
* Closed TQQQ trades.
* Debit passion cost = $0.41.

December 2020:.
– Traded my account up to $66,183.86, made 1.34% this month.
* Debit passion cost = $2.22.
* Not as active trading this month because of the vacations.

Made an overall of $16,183 as much as this point (32.37%).

$ 500K Account Update 3:.

This is a margin account, that I placed $250K right into.

The goal is to make $15K per month. = $500/day (weekends included).

Begun Trading on January 11, 2021.

Since today (last trading day of January).
– REALIZED revenues = $8,768.
– It seems this month, I may miss my goal (I still have settings open).
* GDXJ currently open, and have about $820 in UNREALIZED profits.
* HAL presently open. Resembles I will probably be assigned these shares. I will then offer phone calls.
* NIO, presently open up until next week.
* UAL currently open and also requires to remain over $40. Not exactly sure whether I’ll obtain designated yet.
** Getting appointed is the financially rewarding choice by the way. Its component of the strategy **.
* UBER will possibly be assigned.
* WW I will certainly maintain the costs.
* WYNN Needs to stay above $100.

Suggested Links and Videos:.
How to locate strong assistance and resistance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gfKnDSjAzvA.
Right here’s How I Trade With Margin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJBOGJ5JiXs.
Cash Covered vs Naked Puts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUVw9HYrFFE.
The Wheel Master Class: https://www.rockwelltrading.com/products/the-wheel-master-class/.

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